It’s the Weekend!

The end of the week. The weekend. Fun. Rest. Relaxation. Most importantly…a break from work.

At lunch today I went to the golf range with one of the guys and had a bit of a laugh. Imagine…long’ish hair, not tied back, jeans, golf shoes and a bag of clubs… It was interesting. One of the things about golf is that you need to be able to see (funny that) and I couldn’t. I’d forgotten my hair clip (it was on my desk!)
Nevermind, it was a fun way to spend a lunch time. Managed to hit 80+ balls – some straight, some off the side of the bay :-(, some over 150 yards…but nothing major. No matter how many times I go to the range, it’s no match for actually playing on a proper course. Where at the range you’ve got a smooth tee and a perfect line from your tee off point, the golf course has rough, fairway, trees, water hazards and sometimes a strong side wind (plus other obstacles to overcome). It’s time to play again and see how badly I do playing a grown up course…the problem is finding someone who’ll play with me AND put up with my language as a swear my way around 18 holes of missed shots, duffed drives, sliced hits etc…

Anyone for golf?

The weekend will hopefully bring lots of social stuff…people over for a BBQ, playing with the new toy (!) and maybe a game of golf…?
We’ll see.

What ever happens, it’s got to be fun!

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