You know what it’s like, you’ve collected your things together, loaded the car and you feel good that you’re making the positive move to recycle paper, card, glass, foil, plastic, cans and even clothes.  But, you get to the local site to find it overflowing! Why is that?

 Our council tax has increased in recent years to bring better availability for recycling and an increase in the number of local sites – yet nine times out of ten you can’t recycle because the site hasn’t been properly maintained. (Option 1: get in the car drive to another site, option 2: get in the car drive home and unload again option 3:dump it at the site anyway option 4: get in the car and take it to the dump…). The common thing here is getting in the car and driving again…ooh, an even bigger carbon footprint when the effort was aimed at the opposite@*&!!~@@!!!!

I visit the site once a week with as much recycling as possible. I’ve just ordered a composting bin so that I can reduce my landfill contribution even further… And, it seems many other people in my little area of Surrey are doing the same.

Where’s the same commitment from the council?

Where I lived previously, the council collected all our recycling excluding glass but including garden waste. Here…it’s a different matter. The council collects paper. Oh, but for an extra fee you can buy a brown bin and they will offer a “garden” waste colletion.

So, the council tax countinues to increase and still I have to find extra cash to be able to do my bit for recycling… Shouldn’t we be encouraged to do more??

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