Or rather the lack of it.

I managed to get out after work a couple of times recently. The sun was shining and the evenings, well, not quite balmy, but a darn sight warmer than this /last week. It rained all weekend…and it’s raining today. What this means to the inner biker…? That the country park across the motorway from me is going to be one big quagmire and it’s not remotely attractive! But, it’s a great place to go – when it’s not just mud.

The first time I took my bike there (a new bike) I got it stuck in about two foot of mud. I ended up covered in mud, sprayed with mud and with blobs of the stuff all over the bike!  Last time I went there – my not so shiny bike performed really well – but it was a different ‘ride’ altogether. The paths dry and bumpy, the gravel bits really good fun at speed 😉  and no mud. I improved my time around my favourite circuit and managed not to fall off! ‘Granny gears’ played an important part in the really steep bit up to the viewpoint…but I still feel the need to get off, before I fall off!! (Will I ever feel confident enough about not falling off going up steep hills???).

Oh well – tonight?
The driving range maybe…? Yoga? Got to do something!

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