This week has seen two birthdays in my family. The first was my Gran, the second was my Mum. For my Gran’s birthday I arranged a bouquet of flowers – roses, lilles, gerbera etc. all different shades of pink. I never know what to buy gran, as she doesn’t need anything at all. Nor does she want anything. Chocolates, cakes, biscuits etc. all make her ill, so it’s flowers.

She loved them.

Gran is partially deaf and so speaking to her is usually a face-to-face thing – that’s a bit of a shame as she lives over 500 miles away. Today, my mum finally managed to hit the speaker button on the phone – so I had a conversation with Gran. She was completely delighted. Her view of the flowers was lovely. It made the simple gesture seem like it was the most generous thing I had ever done. Then, she talked about my visit at the end of the month and how she’s really looking forward to seeing me. She asked where we would be going when I got here? I told her I would take her anywhere she wanted to go! If she can get in and out of my car ok…lol. I don’t think that Gran will ever get in or out of my car – but I’m sure she’ll love it when she sees it.

My Mum’s birthday was a bit more compliated. I gave her an iPOD when they were here last and she’s not charged it since then! It is not working…funny it doesn’t work when there’s no battery power. She doesn’t know where to plug the USB cable into her PC – bless. So, for her birthday, I ordered her a clock alarm/dock. It will charge the iPOD and will allow her to listen while she’s cooking (my mum’s a cook). But, it hasn’t arrived. I think my mum is annoyed that I never manage to do anything on time…but I did order it on time, and asked for a specific delivery date!!! Oh well.

I’ve got other birthdays coming up, so I’m starting to plan for those too. Maybe if I order the gifts now, they’ll arrive in time??? (August birthdays…)


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