Mood, snoring cat, and Ebay

Since getting home tonight my mood has deteriorated. I don’t know why, or maybe I do, but don’t want to say… 😉
I’ll be fine. Wake up in the morning, and it won’t be an issue anymore. I’ll get up. I’ll get moving. Go to work. And then I’ll come home again.

See, positivity already… 😉

As I sit here watching the antics on Ebay, the cat is snoring her head off. It has taken me ages to work out what the noise is. I keep turning the volume down on the tv, listening to my laptop, looking for a buzz/whir/hum noise and can’t work it out. There she is, in her bed, snoring! It’s alright for some… I don’t know where the other cat is…probably doing an impression of ‘bagpuss’…he’s good at acting like a fat, sleepy, saggy old cat! (But, Emily loves him…;-)).

So, tonight amidst my foul mood, I’ve posted another lot of items onto Ebay. It’s good clearing out my wardrobe. I’m sure I can keep things moving on Ebay for a while longer. I have a house full of junk, er, useful items I no longer need/wear/find useful.


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