Three Beautiful Things – blogs, grass cutting, naughtiness

In keeping with my tributes to the original 3BTs site…

1) Getting to work early and catching up with my friends via their blogs. Watching their children grow. Reading between the lines. Missing them. Wanting to pick up the phone and realising that it’s 2am where they are.

2) Freshly cut grass. The smell of it, the satisfaction of a job well done and the way the lawn looks afterwards.

3) Doing something naughty and getting a huge amount of pleasure from it!

The Games People Play

What is it about people that makes them play games at the expense of another person’s sanity?

I’ve been watching and listening to some ongoing debate in the office and out of the office recently and it strikes me that some people just don’t think about things. People open their mouths, words come out and before they know it they have set off a chain reaction – in many cases, it’s unstoppable.

I’m also interested in watching the little games people play with each other. Setting little tests, or traps to see whether a person reacts in a certain way?
What about the consequences? Who picks up the pieces? Why do we do it? Is it an inherent curiousity or just…?

I think a lot of people need to have more awareness of the big picture. Some people need to start ‘joined up thinking’. Others just need to think.
Too often today, because of our ‘now’ culture (‘on-demand lives’), we just act without due care and attention. How many problems is this causing?

On the flip side – my parents live in the middle of nowhere and they think about every action. They don’t live in an on-demand world. My mum’s dial-up connection (yes, dial-up) is only 33bps – so that’s hardly ‘now’. Every decision is carefully thought over – whether it’s about planning the garden, theater tickets or supporting a family down the road who can’t quite manage to pick the kids up/pick up the groceries/take deliveries etc. It’s a different life. Everywhere they go and everything they do has to be part of a bigger picture… They live 35 miles from the nearest city – so a shopping trip for a pint of milk isn’t just ‘popping out to the corner shop’. Nor is a hospital trip…or a night out for a meal. They don’t play games. They don’t test others’ emotions. They don’t have time for it.

Is it part of a cultural divide? Or just another part of a generation gap?

As for those who lack vision…I’m not really sure how we handle them…
One thing I am sure of is that we can’t carry them…not in our personal lives and not in our working lives.