Yawn…Friday Morning

Why are Friday mornings such a struggle?
The alarm went off this morning and it was as though someone had played a nasty joke on me. How did the time pass from midnight to 6:50 in what seemed like the flick of a switch?

There’s been a lot of talk on my blog about what’s happening (or not) at work these days. Today will be no exception. Yesterday I used the analogy of a shinking ship, where the captain has abandoned us. Then, I talked about us managing to keep the ship afloat only to find that there’s no rudder… Apparently, I’m not the only one who had this thought in their mind, as it’s come up from other people…

What does that say about the state of morale? About how people view the UK boss?
With our team in the office already down in number (one pushed, one jumped…) we’re taking bets on who is next???

I’m not really sure, but I know that the finger of blame will be firmly pointed during the next few days and weeks. My boss (not the one mentioned above) has indicated I can expect to have the blame aimed at me – but to ‘remember the CEO knows you’re doing a good job’ and that these are ‘deflection tactics from the sales guys’.

On a lighter note, last night was good fun – girls night out! And was it ever a girls night out?
Lingerie shopping came up as a topic…out of seven of us at the table, only one of us wears matching sets! One of our group admitted to not having purchased a new bra in several years! And another said that she’s never, ever worn stockings!

We talked about good lingerie, great lingerie and lingerie shop assistants. All voted that the ladies at Rigby and Peller are the best of the best. You can walk into a Rigby & Peller shop and the assistants will talk to you about style, shape, comfort etc. and within minutes will have sized you up for new bras. They bring you a selection to try on – all stunning – all lovely pieces – but, and this is the most surprising thing, the bra size is rarely consistent between the different brands they bring you!!

My funniest lingerie experience was in a shop in Cannes. I went with my boss (also one of my best friends) to choose a new set as a present for my boyfriend. The French shop assistant had me sized up as I walked in the door – making suggestions and bringing samples for my boss and I to look at. I went into a changing room to try on a set and to my surprise in walked the assistant to help me get my underwear and body ‘properly fitted’! This involved much ‘helping’ to get my boobs into the right place in the bra! At first I wasn’t sure what to think, or how to react…(but, to this day, I’ve remembered everything she showed me and still make sure my bra fits the way she told me!!!)

The funniest bit of this story is about my boss at the time. He’s male and because we arrived at the shop together the shop assistant presumed we were a couple. She invited him into the changing room to see what I was wearing… and was most offended about our British “shy” attitude when the offer was declined!


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