Tuesdays, Sunshine, Work and Play

Tuesday starts with mixed feelings. Frustration following the previous day’s antics in the office, optimism and trepidation at an upcoming discussion with the boss. The day is progressing as expected. A certain amount of frustration has been expressed. My optimism is waning. And, I was right to feel somewhat trepidatious at the meeting. More frustration. It can only get better, right?

The sun is out though and it’s extremely pleasant outside the confines of our office. I had an appointment at lunchtime – drove there and back with the roof down. What a difference it makes to feel the sun on your face and the wind in your hair. But, it makes staying in the office a bit of a chore. The choice of extra-curricular activities once the working day is done is just fantastic on a fine day like today:
1) pub
2) golf/driving range
3) mountain bike around the country park
4) run
5) tennis
6) gardening
7) and so on – you get the idea.

It’s becoming more and more important to balance work with play…As tension at the office rises (in line with the temperature – I wonder) I feel the need to get out of the office more and leave the laptop behind. Yes, I know that’s not what’s expected of me, but boy, do I feel the need to switch off at the moment.

Thank goodness for sunshine, fast cars, loud music and great …(fill in the blank for yourself!)