One of my pet hates in life is when people set expectations and fail to meet them. I think we in the UK are evolving into a race of people that doesn’t mind letting people down, through false expections.

 I have several examples that I’ve come across recently:

At work – expectations are frequently set – and then it seems it’s ok not to live up to them. Or you can get away with it, if you’re senior enough.

In relationships – people set expectations all the time and think it’s perfectly acceptable to let people down (and worse, try to make a joke out of it, as though it’s not going to affect anyone or hurt people’s feelings).

In movies…packaged food contents…the local council…recycling sites and the government!

It would be nice to think that we could get through a day without suffering some level of disappointment…

 What are your views?  

Three Beautiful Things – hot showers, topless, smiles

The title of one of my favourite blogs…it usually cheers me up on a crazy day. So, as a bit of a tribute to 3BTs I thought I would try it.

1)  ‘Hot’ showers in the morning.

2) Driving with the roof down early in the day.

3) Making someone else smile first thing…