Tyre Kickers in the Office

Too many of them…everywhere. Excuses, excuses…aaaaaargh!
He said…she said.
Salesmen getting into p**ssing contests with each other.

I can’t because…
a) I have to drop off / pick up someone at school
b) two in one day is too much
c) It’s too far for me
d) I need more information
e) It’s not right…

Not my usual post, but stuff that had to be said.
There are those of us that do more than our fair share and those that don’t In fact, there are those that simply seem to take the wotsit…

Perhaps I’m developing a bad attitude?

Well, here are my responses to the above:

a) Is that really part of your working day?
b) Not for most people, what’s wrong with you? Are you just lazy?
c) What does that mean?
d) So, go find out what you need!
e) Do something about it!

Manic Monday

Monday…up with the alarm, cup of tea, toasted muffin, shower, dress, spill toothpaste, dress again, drive and arrive at the office. A bit different to Sunday. The day moved rather quickly – but I’d rather have it that way. I can’t say it’s a great day. The weather was decidedly cooler than yesterday and it rained on the way to the office. Work was, well, a bit of a chore today.

The company advised one of our team that his job is at risk. It was appalling. The process was awful. It was done with the least amount of forethought or planning for his feelings that I’ve ever seen. The person in question has worked here for 12 years – he’s stuck with the company through good and bad, frequently goes beyond the call of duty to make sure his customers are happy and issues are resolved quickly. WHAM. “Thanks, but we need to relocate your role as part of a strategic plan.” BAM. Devastation. The whole thing was done without respect, or empathy. I am appalled yet again.

I’ve been made redundant in the past, so I know how it works – and I’ve learned lessons about loyalty and what that means. But, I’ve never worked somewhere for 12 years…

I got home from work after what turned out to be a tough day and went out for a 4-mile cycle ride. I just needed air. I needed space. I needed to feel something other than the distaste at the day’s events.

What will Tuesday bring?