Saturday Morning…Anyone for Golf?

Saturday morning and the predicted game of golf hasn’t happened… Nevermind. Funny really, but it’s all in the name of keeping a new relationship going – not mine – but that of my golf buddy. Yesterday we had a chat about the proper ‘etiquette’ following a first night together…and I had to ‘advise’ my friend that it wasn’t a good idea to share someone’s bed (for the first time) and then get up to play golf with another woman. No matter how long he and I have been friends, the new girlfriend won’t take too kindly to it!

So, as a thirty-something woman, I’m sitting here wondering why don’t more women play golf? I’m sure it would make for less arguments between couples…

So, here I am, Saturday morning, my boyfriend is playing grown up golf at another friend’s club and I’m doing domestic stuff. Well, I was, but I got about half way through my list and then sat down to have a coffee…and ‘The Holiday’ jumped into the DVD player and switched itself on. Shocking.

I’ve got to get my a** in gear now though, return a pair of killer heels where the leather split after only two days, and then look for an interview suit. Whether I’ll actually look for another job, and get around to interviewing is another story, but work is a little trying right now. It’s that time within a company where you’re completely torn by loyalty to stick it out and see it through the rough times and the selfish part of you that tells you you deserve better than this…

Time for a holiday?

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